California Academy for Economic Development

The California Academy for Economic Development (the Academy) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, statewide center for training, 教育, and research in the field of economic development. Based in Sacramento, The Academy is managed by the California Association for Local Economic Development (CALED).

The Academy focuses on providing professional training to career economic development professionals. Supportive research, including data development and analysis, 建模, and other specific projects, are key activities. Key initiatives under The Academy include:

Local Economic Advisory Program (LEAP) & Local Elected Officials Training

LEAPs and LEO (Local Elected Official) trainings are facilitated, community driven efforts that use the expertise available within the CALED membership to help a community/region craft a strategic approach for addressing specific concerns, including goals and implementation actions, to improve a better local economy for the benefit of its community. LEAP is focused on community-wide engagement while the LEO is structured to assist elected officials specifically. In both environments, participants come away with localized strategies and actions with the assistance of some of the most experienced economic development professionals in California.

Contact CALED or The Academy for more information on how these Academy programs can help you advance your economic development efforts.

Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Academy recently established the creation of the California Academy Memorial Scholarship Fund to support ongoing training for the next generation of economic development professionals. This fund will provide scholarships throughout the year and create an opportunity for organizations and individuals to give back to the profession by funding scholarships for those wishing to attend economic development training or certifications. Watch for a future announcement on how to apply for scholarships.

Thank you to CALED and PG&E for seeding the scholarship fund with a $10,000 combined contribution.

Quarterly California Economic Snapshots

In partnership with Economics & Planning Systems, the California Academy for Economic Development releases quarterly economic reports showing where California ranks in the nation regarding job growth, which regions of our state are growing, and which industries are the ones to watch.

Learn more about The Academy and these programs by contacting CALED at (916) 448-8252.